What next step?
You: "So, what's next?"
Me: "I beg your pardon?"
You: "This thing you have going here, what's the next step?"
Excuse me, but people can't just go around and ask questions without realising they're not actually entitled to an answer.

You’ve been stalking me for far too much you’re now speaking my kind of language.

Worst part is, you don’t even know it.

Worst for you, sadly.

Here’s the thing. In my kind of job, there’s a lot of sitting around and browsing webs. As it always happens, one web leads to another. I can’t be bothered to remember what I was watching before, but a couple of Youtube videos later, I was already on a latte art tutorial. I know, right?

The bad part is, now I can never bring myself to order latte again. The more detailed the latte art, the more breath gets released and lands on the coffee. Ew.

Him: “What happened?”
Me: “I got my tongue bitten and it swelled.”
Her: “But it was last week..”
Me: “The day before yesterday, I accidentally bit the swelling part.”
Him: “You know there’s a saying for a situation like that.”
Me: “I know. It’s a classic case of ‘sudah jatuh tertimpa tangga’.”
Her: “I don’t know what that means but I bet it’s nowhere near what he’s about to say.”

Last night I was showing photos of pancakes I had taken on Tuesday to a friend. I made the pancakes myself and this year, thanks to my new camera, I started taking photos of food I cooked on my own. When he saw the pancake photos, he said, “I didn’t know you observed Shrove Day.”

“But I don’t,” I told him. He said again, “So you’re saying that it was only a coincidence you made pancake one day before Ash Wednesday?”

Feeling puzzled, “Well, no. It’s Pancake Day. I’ve been doing it every year since I could remember.”

To cut the story short, I didn’t know Pancake Day was actually Shrove Day.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who once thought Pancake Day was a family thing and had nothing to do with religion. In my defence, I led a very sheltered life growing up.