One of these days I’m going to invest in a better pair of shoes.

I had something to say but the waves took it away.

And that’s okay.

Mental Slap in the Face

I’ve just gotten off the phone with a friend. The one-hour call was really nice ‘till seconds before I hung up. She said,

"You know, you used to have standards."

Pancake’s been missing in my life. Until now.

At the end of the performance, I’m gasping for air.

Christmas Cruise

The problem with organising an itinerary, specifically when inter-island transfers by sea are inevitable, is that you find it extremely difficult to figure out whether or not the weather is going to be friendly during the trip.

This is particularly a huge struggle for me as I barely survived a boat accident sometime this month three years ago. Oh well.

Lost in Gotham

And I’m not looking for a way out.

It’s disturbing how we can’t help falling in love with villains in Batman world, esp. when we aren’t supposed to. Yes, I’m talking about Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin.

Best thing about this show? Two episodes into the series and we already know that everyone in Batman world will be in it. Except Batman. How awesome is that?

Don’t even get me started on Alfred. At first, I thought Sean Pertwee was just trying to break away from the popular portrayal of Pennyworth (see what I did there? Sorry, couldn’t resist) but then I saw it. Clear as day (cough cough).

However, that Barbara Kean though. She’s the Jesse Pinkman of Gotham. Not an episode goes by without her doing something stupid. But yeah, that is understandable, somehow.

Anyway, don’t you just love this program?

Sleeper by the Dozen

[This is what happens to me when a mild case of insomnia strikes, it’s much easier than counting imaginary sheep.]

One, somehow now we have everything but fun
Two, and to every question raised we say, “No clue”
Three, we silently wonder who the first to leave might be
Four, as we are aware there may not be something more

Five, we can not remember who poked the beehive
Six, because when we did it, it was ‘just for kicks’
Seven, we ask ourselves “What would be the reason”
Eight, “to try again before it’s to late”

Nine, is it the times we say yes rather than decline?
Ten, or the broken things we manage to mend?
Eleven, and each time we learn our lesson
Twelve, we can only wish for more time to delve.

Fitz-Simmons, my heart breaks for you.



I can’t handle this….

This is me post Agents of SHIELD S02E01.

My Regret

When we were talking earlier today, I wrote down the things you said in my Moleskine notebook, innocently assuming they were of value. It turned out they weighed virtually nothing and now I wish I had written it on a piece of 7-eleven receipt sitting in my wallet waiting to be discarded.

While I have no problem at all ripping that page off my beloved notebook, I however have to regretfully remove the other end of the blameless paper. One of the disadvantages of clinging onto the hopeless romanticism of hand-written words. Oh well.

This Is Madness

Starting an article with:

"Bright sunshine covers the surface of Musi River with millions of sparkling diamonds of light. The hue of the upper atmosphere as seen from the mighty river lies between green and indigo. The weather is nice and perfect for a day out. Colourful kayaks are laid out on a dock, waiting for the paddlers."

Yep. My mind today is that barren. I’m in dire need of motivation.

Guardians of the Gallifrey. Not.

Just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. I had managed to avoid all the spoilers till then and finally got to watch it in a theatre filled with not more than 10 people.

Anyway, I loved it. And I had always known I would love it even long before seeing the trailer thanks to a particular self-appointed critic’s tweet about “[his] unwillingness to waste time on the movie” 😝

Although I must say that it was a hell of a rollercoaster of emotions. I hated how it started with his mum being on a deathbed (yep, it hit rather close to home), but somehow they knew how to make it right again: by choosing the perfect song to get one back on one’s feet. The pain was still there, but neither did he nor I dwell in the past.

Alright, I’d better stop myself right here before I spoil it for you. If there’s anything, I barely recognised Karen Gillan and Lee Pace. And that was the best part of it 😊

Alright alright, right on par with Groot. And Baby Groot.

Just One of Those Days

  • Him: "What are you up to?"
  • Me: "Making soup."
  • Him: "Who's sick?"
  • Me: "I am. How'd you know somebody's sick?"
  • Him: "You're making soup. Soup's for sick people. What soup, by the way?"
  • Me: "Should I be bothered that instead of asking what's making me sick, you're asking what soup I'm making?"
  • Him: "Well, whatever's making you sick, it's probably something stupid."
  • Me: "I hate you."
  • Him: "Keep telling yourself that. Anyway, anything else you're doing?"
  • Me: "Nothing yet, but I plan on staying in bed so I can get some proper rest."
  • Him: "And just how are you going to do that?"
  • Me: "I'll binge-watch. I've downloaded Sagan's Cosmos."
  • Him: "Can't imagine what you do when you're taking a break from it."
  • Me: "Easy. I'll just watch Sleepy Hollow."
  • Him: "Weirdo."

Remind me to find this song on Youtube tomorrow.

I have a phone again (finally). And after I successfully recovered all the data from the old phone, this was the first song my phone entertained me with.

It’s cool.

P.s. Don’t read too much into it. It’s just a song.